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Washer Helpful Laundry Hints

Hard water has an excessive amount of mineral content. Minerals in water combine with soap to from a film which is insoluble in hard water. When water is not softened, this film can lodge in the clothes, causing them to turn gray.
Water hardness is measured in grains or in parts per million. The average water hardness through Canada is approx. 10-12 grains. Any water which is more than five grains hard should be softened to minimize a hard water problem. This reduces the amount of soap needed fora good wash, and makes last longer.
Your local utilities can tell you the hardness of the water in your area. If the figure is given in parts per million, divide by 17 to get the grain hardness.
Make this Simple Test: Dissolve a small amount of soap in your water. If soap lathers quickly and easily, the water is soft. If a large amount of soap is needed to from a lather, and a milky white residue is left on the container, the water is hard and should be softened before using for laundering.

In many areas, iron is present in the water supply in large amounts, and can be a laundering problem.
Adding an additional amount of water softener, over the amount of water softener required to soften the water, will keep the iron in suspension during the washing. The addition of water softener to the rinse will also help.
Drain the hot water tank periodically through the drain valve at the bottom, until the water runs clear.

Lint on clothes is generally caused by poor washing procedure. Either not enough hot water or insufficient detergent. It may also come from washing a lint producing item, such as a worn tea towel, with a regular load of wash.
To correct linty loads, wash clothes in hot water ( 140 or hotter ) with 1 to 2 cups of detergent. If the load seems gray add ½ cup of ammonia to wash water. Several washings may be required. To prevent future lint build-up, continue washing in hot water and plenty of detergent. Do not wash too long.

These are the results of continuous build up of oil and dirt in clothes, and comes from poor washing over a period of time. Clothes that are yellow or gray in most cases, will feel sticky or greasy to the touch. Once clothes have discoloured because of inadequate washing, it is almost impossible to restore them to their original white state.
The yellowing which shows up after drying or ironing is discolouration of oils left in the clothes. The remedy; wash clothes in hot water, at least 140, and the right amount of detergent; clothes in this condition will profit from a ½ cup of bleach per wash load.

– Washing heavily soiled clothes with a slightly soiled garment
– Permitting clothes to be too heavily soiled before washing
– Excessive washing without sufficient detergent to keep the soil in suspension
– Inadequate rinse

On occasion, customers re-dial extra wash time for heavily soiled clothes. With our washer, it is possible to do this, but is not recommended. The maximum wash time on the washer is designed to give good results. Washing longer periods tends to break down the detergent holding the soil in suspension. This soil will be washing right back into the clothes.
Heavily soiled clothes given a pre-wash plus a full wash, is much better than re-dialing extra wash time.

– Iron in water-the presence of iron in water causes yellow or brown stains to appear in clothes. If bleach is used brown stains will appear. If only-a small amount of iron is present, the condition can be corrected by the addition of a water conditioner ( Calgon ) to the wash and rinse water. If the condition is such that the iron content is high we advise the installation of a water softener.
– Use of chlorine bleach on resin finished cottons
– Always read the label on resin finished garments. Many of these garments turn yellow as soon as bleach is used. To remove, use a commercial colour remover such as Rit or Tintex.
– Mildew: Both white and colourfast garments can be bleached to remove mildew stains. They should be washed in hot water and detergents..

If an entire load is spotted with rust, the best procedure is to soak the garments in an oxalic acid solution. ( 3 tablespoons of oxalic acid to 1 pint of water ).
Never do this in washer because oxalic acid will harm the porcelain enameled tub.

– Wash white load first
– Use hot water and a warm water rinse to insure further hot water for next load
– Add additional detergent for second load
– Never re-use sudsy water more than once
– Always dilute liquid bleaches
– Bleach should be added to wash water about the last 2 minutes of the wash cycle
– Fabric conditioners should be added to the deep rinse cycle
– Always measure detergent for best results

SHINE`EM UP Appliance products appealrance can be greaty improved by the sensible use of many readily available aids:
– Rover ( Maytag part 05961 ) is muriatic acid is best for removing rust in washer tubs.
– Soft “n” Scub cleanser is effective in removing water/rust stains from appliance surface
– Gumout cleans hoses to look like new, do not soaked too long or hoses will swell
– WD-40 removes gummy deposits from old labels and tapes without damaging plastic or painted surfaces
– Toothbrush is still best tool for reducing grime from corners and crevices
– Compressed air will dislodge soil that may block drains tubes and hoses
– Aerosol spray foams available from hardware stores may be applied to refrigerator door liners to help rigidity
– Cotton balls soaked in vanilla extract will counter unpleasant odors in refrigerators
– Auto polish applied to appliance painted surface gives the smooth and shiny feel of a new unit
– Syringe fill with water will dislodge plug up drains; tubes and hoses

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