The Refrigerator Compressor, Condenser, Fan Motor, Evaporator, Drier – Strainer

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Refrigeration System Components

The process of refrigeration is accomplished by the evaporation of a liquid refrigerant, thereby extracting heat from the area to be cooled and dispersing the heat outside of the area to be cooled.

The common components of a refrigeration system are:
- Compressors
- Condensers
- Heat exchanger (capillary tube and suction tube)
- Evaporator
- Strainer – drier
- Temperature Control
- Defrost timer
- Defrost limit thermostat
- Defrost heater
- Condensation heaters 

1. Compressors:
Modern refrigeration compressors are usually of the hermetically sealed type, either rotary or reciprocating types.

- Rotary compressors
Rotary compressors have a set of rotating vanes that are closely fitted an eccentric cylinder. Oil within the rotary compressor not only lubricates the moving parts, but it also serves to cool the compressor.

- Reciprocating Compressors
The reciprocating compressor consists of one or two cylinders mounted either horizontally or vertically.
The oil in the compressor is used to lubricate the moving parts and assist in cooling the compressor. Reciprocating Compressors designed with oil cooler tubes pick up the heat in the oil by means of circulation of refrigerant.

High pressure side
The high pressure side of the refrigeration system is that part containing the high pressure and high temperature refrigerant and includes everything between the inlet of the condenser and the outlet of the capillary tube.

Low pressure side
The pressure side is the part of the system containing the low pressure and low temperature refrigerant and consists of the evaporator and the suction tube.

2. Condensers are of three types, which are: 

- Air cooled by natural air circulation (static condenser)
These condenser are attached to the back of the refrigerator cabinet and are constructed of tubing interfaced with wire. The static condenser relies on surrounding room air to release the heat. It is very important that sufficient space is allowed between the condenser and the room wall so that air is allowed to properly circulate over the condenser.

- Forced fan draft condenser
The forced fan draft condense relies on a motor driven fan to circulate air over the condenser. The fan motor is wired into the circuit in such a way that it runs only when the compressor is running. This type of condenser is located in the compressor compartment and air baffles are used to direct the air over the compressor and condenser.

Indirect air cooled through being in thermal contact with the cabinet wall (example Chest Freezers)

The Andy's Appliance & Refrigeration Service recommended cleaning see condenser before the hot weather sets in.

The condenser is the method of getting rid of the heat that is absorbed during the circulation of the refrigerant.

3. Cabinet Wall (Thermal Contact) Condensers
The cabinet wall (thermal contact) condenser is another type of static condenser. The condenser tubing is attached to and in thermal contact with the cabinet wall. Heat is transferred to the cabinet wall and from the cabinet wall, to the surrounding room air.

4. Evaporators
The function of the evaporator is absorb heat from the air in the freezer or food compartment of a refrigerant. Heat is introduced when food is placed in the refrigerator or when the door are opened.

At the moment of compressor cut-off, the temperature at the inlet and outlet of the evaporator will be 5 °F degrees Fahrenheit (3 °C degrees Celsius) of each other if the refrigerator is operating normally.

5. Drier- Strainer
The dryer - strainer consists of a tubular container filled with a drying agent.
The function of the drier – strainer is to remove moisture and impurities from the refrigeration system.

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