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Range Hood Installation

The Range Hood can be installed connected to ductwork to discharge through the top or the back of the range hood to the outside, or ventless to return filtered air back into the room. (For ventless installation a separate filter is required and do not remove duct knockout).
- Remove the dumper and wiring box cover.
- Remove the proper duct knockout and round electrical knockout, (if discharging through the top use care to remove only the knockout that matches the ductwork).
The Range Hood should be mounted so the bottom of the Range Hood is (50.8 centimetes) - 20” inches to (60.96 centimeters -61) 24” inches above the cook top.
The Range Hood will be installed with the top front edge flush with the front of the cabinet framework. If the distance from the wall to the front of the cabinet frame is more then (30.48 cm) - 12” there will be a slight space between the back of the Range Hood and the wall.
- Holding Range Hood in place, mark location of mounting screws in narrow end of keyhole slot in each corner of Range Hood.
- Should be drawing proper hole location for electrical wires.
- Mark the bottom of the cabinet if the top electrical knockout on Range Hood will be used or the wall if using rear electrical knockout. Must be splice in electrical wires - white wire to the white, black wire to the black and the ground wire to the green. The voltage between L1 Black and ground (green or  bare wire copper) is 120 volts. (If is 120 volts tat mean ground is good).
A wire splice should always be placed in a protective box and covered with a box cover.

Use a mild detergent suitable for painted surfaces.

Du not use:
- Steel wool pads
- Cloth
- Scouring powders
Do not immerse blower in water.
- You can use vacuum blower to clean.

Model Number is BP130BLN

The Filter should be cleaned regularly - use mild soap or detergent only.

BROAN 30" Range Hood Black kollor.

BROAN Range Hood - label information.

BROAN Range Hood.

BROAN Range Hood - label information is on the left side. The Filter is lokated or fastened near the light. BROAN Range Hood. Light on.




CAMCO Range Hood Black kolor.
CAMCO Range Hood - label information. CAMCO Range Hood.
CAMCO Range Hood.


NuTone Whispaire:
Model Number WA6500-C

My Range Hood is very noisy.
I did replace Broan/Nutone Range Hood Motor & Bracket Assembly Part # 10941071.


Always disconnect electrical power before beginning any service repair procedures.

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