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Mod. GDU20J-CN
Ser. 28132707QH

120V - 8.0A - 60Hz

My dishwasher does not drain and the water stays in the tub.
How to resolve the problem.
I cleaned up dishwasher pump and drain hose.

Model No. CNNT198GA
Serial No. FQ36482777

Only maintenance - cleaned up condenser coils.

The condenser No. 2 - is exposed to all sorts of dust and dirt and must be cleaned occasionally. The Andy's Appliance & Refrigeration Service recommended cleaning before the hot weather sets in. Failure to clean the condenser results in increased head pressures which will eventually cause the compressor to fail and reduce the temperature of the cold.

Refrigerator - Frost Free
Model No. GS22X8W
Serial No. 10169299HD

115VAC - 60Hz - 7.20A - 6.25 oz R12

Norge side by side freezer fridge.

Airflow Freezer Control Housing from freezer to fridge. Number 1 (knob, freezer control) more air go to the fridge side.
Airflow Freezer Control Housing from freezer to fridge. Coldest (knob, freezer control) more air stay in freezer side. Defrost problem Freezer side.

Image Schematic.



Defrost timer is located on the bottom front, cover with Kickplate.
The condensor.
Defrost timer.

Defrost thermostat - is located in the freezer side on the aluminium evaporator pipe.
Defrost glass heaters - is located in side freezer on the evaporator.


Always disconnect electrical power before beginning any service repair procedures.

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