Miele Narrow Dishwasher Designed for Space Short Apartments and Kosher Homes

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Miele's Dishwasher

A compact dishwasher that is 25-percent narrower then conventional models is marketed by Miele Appliances.
At 17.5-inches wide, the model G450SCi Slimline is designed for space-limited apartments or condominiums, wet bars boats, or in homes in which a second dishwasher may enhance observance of Kosher laws. Two units also can be installed side-by-side within a 36-inch cabinet space. 
Despite its width, German-built product holds up to eight place settings, more than some full-size units, Loefler clams. Model G450SCi incorporates many features of Miele's full-size dishwashers, including a stainless-steel interior, three wash/spray arms, and sound-reduction insulation on the back and side walls.
The unit offers seven wash programs and temperature settings of 130F (Fahrenheit) 54.444C (Celsius) to 160F - 71.111C (Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter 32F – 0C) A Turbothermatic drying system circulates warm air throughout the tub when wash and rinse cycles are complete.
Other features include a removable cutlery tray, an adjustable top basket, and interchangeable lower baskets that enable the unit to wash odd-size platers, pots and pans. 
Water consumption is as little as five gallons per operation (1 US gallon = 3.78541178913203 liters five US gallons = 18.9270589 liters).

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