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Major Household Appliances Repair Informations

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Home appliances repair

Gorenje - very weak Door Lock Switch, part number 457188 RoHS 476 ZV-002 Euro Parts.
Model No. D722CM
Serial # 64530065

Noisy operation in Whirlpool's new long-vent dryers. Models affected - LEV4634J, LGV4634J; serial prefix/codes prior to MM11. The likely cause is the blower wheel hub side is rubbing against the blower housing.
Solution: The shaft of the motor is too short. Install shim kit part #279986, with moves the blower farther into the blower housing. The kit includes shims, thread lock compound, and instructions.

Poor washability in the upper rack of Whirlpool Tall Tub dishwasher models GU1200XT, GU1500XT, GU2300XT
The problem has been traced to a poorly designed upper rack spray arm. A new, redesigned arm offers improved water spray to all corners of the upper rack. Order part #8269024 to receive the new spray arm.

Flood Buzz:
The simple water leak alarm that warns you of a water problem before it becomes a flood.

Flood Buzz.
Flood Buzz and Metal Prongs. Flood Buzz Instruction Sheet.

Overproduction of ice or icemaker won't shut off in Whirlpool/KichenAid undercounter models with electric controls. Whirlpool suggests that heat may be conducted from the cutter grid through the copper wire lead of the bin thermistor rendering it ineffective for sensing ice in the bin. A new thermistor part #2217288 is available with a nickel wire lead said to be less heat conductive than the copper lead thermistor. The bin thermistor retainer clip also may be rotated downward so the screw is on top to help lower the level of ice in the bin.

Electrolux/Frigidaire production change. To help avoid refrigerator evaporator leaks, Electrolux has changed the way the copper extension stub is attached to the aluminium evaporator. The new method consists of fusing together the evaporator aluminium to the copper stub joint and is said to provide a more reliable, more permanent seal. The fused joint will appear different to a technician as it clearly has a much rougher aluminium edge slightly flared over the copper extension stubs (which are provided for easier copper to copper soldering to the heat exchanger lines).

Thermador gas range:
BSH Home Appliance has recalled about 2,460 Thermador 48-inch All-Gas Professional ranges to eliminate a potential burn hazard. Company engineers have found that hot air vented below the units small oven can heat the metal surface of the door to temperatures that can potentially burn those who touch it. BSH has received one report of the problem, but no injuries. The recalled ranges are models PRG484GGUS, PRG486GDUS and PRG486GLUS; and were sold between March 1998 and November 2001. All are stainless steel, have small and large side-by-side ovens, and carry the serial numbers 98020001 to 98129999, 99010001 to 99129999, 20010001 to 20129999, and 81010001 to 81119999, which are located on a plate behind the kick panel at the bottom front of the range.

Wall ovens:
Door latch melts on Whirlpool/KichenAid built-in 27-in. and 30-in. double wall ovens with combination microwaves. Models affected: All Models -6, -7, and -8 and all Whirlpool Gold Series ovens. These products employ a microwave oven on top and a self-cleaning oven at the bottom. Complains involve melting of the self-clean oven door latch. The plastic oven door lach mechanism, located between the two ovens, contorts as it melts, which causes various lach failures including lach-release failures. The oven door lach is part of the lower oven's self-clean system. The problem is caused by excessive oven heat escaping from the top of the self-cleaning oven's door during normal cooking cycles. However, it seems the delayed use for the first self-cleaning cycle by some consumers tends to create an equal time delay for its inevitable latch meltdown failure. To gain access to the lower oven latch mechanism and to avoid damaging other vital components, do not try to remove the upper microwave oven before disconnecting all its internal wiring located within the oven control panel up top. Service correction kits include oven door hinge shims, oven door gasket, and other items. Check the appropriate kit number required as shown:
Kit number Oven type
814538 - 27-in. stainless steel
814540 – 30-in. stainless steel
814537 – 27-in. non-stainless steel
814539 – 30-in. non-stainless steel

Determining the source of agitation noise or spin noise in Maytag washers can be challenging. Try using the following procedures Lat models (Dependable Care):
Remove either belt to isolate components for testing. Run the machine in spin and aditate with no pump belt to determine transmission or motor noise. If no noise, check the pump. If noise persists, install the pump belt and remove the drive belt and check the machine in both spin and agitation. If noise is present, the motor is pretty much isolated. If no noise, you can suspect the transmission or related component.
PAV models (Performa): 
Remove the drive belt and use a LAT pump belt (#21124) to test between the motor and pump, and hold the motor so the belt stays on the pulleys. Isolate the pump and motor noises in this way. If no noise, you are led toward the transmission and/or bearings as the source.
MAV (Atlantis): 
Perform similar test as with the Performa, but you will need to use the LAT drive belt (#211125) for the pump/motor noise isolation test. Run the machine in both direction, if no noises, check out the transmission and bearings.

Maytag washer lid switch adjustability problems in Performa L/Dependable Care, Atlantis models. To solve the problem, order lid switch kit part #12001908. The replacement switch was designed in response to earlier lid switch adjustability problems and comes with a new plunger to be used for the Atlantis only. It can be further identified by its grey actuator button. Condititions that could be misinterpreted as a lid switch problem include: Lid “oil canning.” Porcelain chipped where the lid contacts the switch (or cam on Atlantis). Lid hinge misalignment due to wear or abuse. For the Atlantis models only, check for worn or cracked hinge bushing or a worn or broken cam on the back flange of the lid.

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