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Kenmore Sears Appliances Home Service and Repair


Model: 665. 17842400
Serial: FS4013758
Flashing START
Cancel button does not work.
Not change cycles.

3-times blink and after that no more flash and still does not work (run).
Electronic board.

Dryer - KENMORE old style.
Heavy duty
Model C11. 8530670
Serial DC 22316



Mod. 110.C6269210
Ser. MR4411519
Type CWSR-ELE-2306024-FM54
I replaced Idler Pulley, part number 691366.

Kenmore Dryer.

Kenmore Dryer New Idler Pulley.

Kenmore Dryer Broken Idler Pulley.

Instruction Sheet for Installing Dryer Drum Belt Idler Assembly.

Kenmore Dryer inside:
a. Left side - Inlet Heater Box or Inlet duct assembly, should be cleaned.
b. Right side - Lint (dust) Chute Assembly, should be cleaned.


Kenmore Dryer Clean Lint Screen (filter).
Kenmore Dryer Dirty Lint Screen (filter) - should be cleaned every load.


Dryer - Kenmore made by SAMSUNG
Clothes Dryer Made in Korea - heating element part number DC47-00019A
Model Number 592-891080
Serial Number Y02754BZ200224M

When you open lid door, you can find on the front Clothes Dryer frame label when is Model Number. Kenmore dryer burns out heater coil.

Kenmore dryer new heater coil.



Freezer - Free Standing
Sears Canada INC.
Model/Modele 970-255220
Serial/Serie WB53806275
Manufactured 09-95
Elect Rating 5A -115V
Refrigerant R12 8.0 Oz.

Freezer Sears Canada, label information on the left side, when you oppen the door. Freezer Sears Canada, Antique - Old style.

Freezer Sears Canada, Antique - Old style.



Fridge - Kenmore made by LG
Model 501-66812
Serial 305KR00298

Drain Problem.
Customer complaint:
Every day clean up the refrigerator from leaking or water dropping inside the refrigerator under crisper drawers.
How to solve this problem:
Cleaned up drain.

Model No: C968-63010-4
Serial No: G163905

VOLTS 120/208 - Hz 60 - 30 Aamps Fuse

Oven does not work.
How to solve this problem: 
I replaced Bake element and rusty two capillary clips from oven termostat/oven controls.

Model 10641519101
Serial SP4731235

Not get cold enough in the freezer and fridge side.
How to repair/service:
I checked compressor test and decided to replace Compressor Start Relay.

Cleaned up the condenser... condenser and make space back from the wall.

Refrigerator - Defrost Problem
Model 970-C607228
Serial BA44032924

My fridge is warm - Freezer section ok fridge section is warm.
How to repair/service:
Cleaned up frost in freezer section and after my troubleshooting I replaced defrost timer and defrost thermostat.

Frost built up in freezer section outside.
Frost built up in freezer section inside.


Stove/Range - smooth top self cleaning
Overlay Verified for energy performance CSA
Model No. 970 - 686028
Serial No. VF80750055

60Hz - 4 wires - 12.5 kW - 120/240 Volts AC only

My oven does not work.
How to repair/service:
Fixed Oven Electronic Control Board.

Washer - Front Load
MODEL 970-C42072-00
SERIAL XC24504514
115VAC 60Hz 12AMPS

Very loud spin cycle.
How to repair/service:
I replaced the shocks and made legs level No. 131525500

How to Replace the Shocks in a Kenmore Front Load Washing Machine. Two Shocks & Four Pins.
  1. Remove the screws from the bottom of the front panel using a Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Lift up and remove the front panel from the washer.
  3. Locate the air shocks part at the bottom of the washer unit on the left and right side.
  4. Push in the locking tab on the side of the pin.   5. Remove the pin holding the shocks part to the washer.
  6. Pull out the pin from the shocks using needle-nose pliers.
  7. Lift up and remove the entire part from the washer.
  8. Place the new shocks part into the same position and reinsert the pin to the part.
  9. Push the pin back through the middle of the shocks part .
10. Place the front panel back onto the washer.
11. Reinsert the screws into the front panel on the bottom left and right side.

Washer - Front Load - Plus Quiet Pak2 - Super Capacity
Model 110. 46472501
Serial HLT 1262316

Leaking water on bottom of the door.
How to repair/service:
I replaced the Door Boot Seal or Bellow part number W10111435, Located between the front panel and tub.

Old Door Boot Seal.

New Door Boot Seal.

New Door Boot Seal.


Washer - KENMORE Top Load old style.
Timer knob Pull - OFF position
Timer knob Push - ON position
Lead opens from right side to the left side.
Heavy duty
Model C11O. 4530671
Serial DC 18417




Washing Machine - Top Load - Direct Drive
Sears Kenmore 80 series
- Energy saving
- Heavy duty
- Super capacity plus 3 speed Motor with 4 speed combination
- Push turn to set
- Pull to Start
- Push to Stop

MODEl 110.15862400
SERIAL CS2046902
TYPE 111

10.0 Amps - 120 Volts - 60 Hz

Water in:
- no-wash
- no-drain
- no-spin

It doesn't wash, drain or spin.
How to repair/service:
I replaced the lid switch assembly, and allowed the wash, drain and spin cycle to work.

Two terminals switch continuity test:
- If is continuity test - then switch is normally closed and should be works properly.
- No continuity test – then switch has failed and needs to be replaced.

Washer - Top Load
Model 970-C98802-10
- replaced Drain Pump - part number 137221600

Drain Pump Leaking Replaced Drain Pump


Washing machine - Top Loading
Model number 110.20022011
Serial number C13830742
Type 587 - 07

Kenmore Washing machine - Top Loading (adjusted belt). Kenmore Washing machine - Top Loading (adjusted belt).


Washer - Top Load
Model 110.24852300
Serial CRO883667
Type: 111
I replaced Lid Switch (Whirlpool) 3949238
Kenmore Washer label information.

Kenmore Washer - Label information you can find when you open the lid.

Kenmore Washer bad lid switch.
You can see gap under the arm switch.

Kenmore Washer new lid switch.



Always disconnect electrical power before beginning any service repair procedures.

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