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Ice Maker Troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot Ice Maker that fails to start?

Possible Cause:

  • Signal arm locked in raised position
  • Open circuit in wiring or components
  • Freezer too warm

Trouble: Ice maker fails to complete cycle

Possible Cause:

  • With ejector blade at 10 o`clock position
  • With ejector blade at 12 o`clock position
  • With ejector blade at 4 o`clock position
  • Motor stalled

Trouble: Ice maker falls to stop at end of cycle

Possible Cause: Faulty holding switch

Trouble: Ice maker continues to eject when container is full

Possible Cause:

  • Loose linkage to the signal arm shut-off switch
  • Shut-off switch falls to open

Trouble: Ice maker produces undersized ice pieces

Possible Cause:

  • Ice maker mould not level
  • Water falls to enter mould
  • Water valve switch not adjusted for proper water fill
  • Insufficient thermal bond between thermostat and mould
  • Thermostat out of calibration

Trouble: Water overflows mould

Possible Cause:

  • Evidence of water siphoning off top edge of mould
  • Fill tube is not properly positioned in fill trough
  • Water leaks into mould after cycle
  • Water fill exceeds volume capacity of mould
  • Water fill switch fails to open

Trouble: Water fails to enter mould

Possible Cause:

  • Low water pressure
  • Restriction in supply line or water valve
  • Water supply line valve closed
  • Water valve switch inoperative
  • Water valve solenoid coil open or shortened


Ice Maker Sensor arm part number 68112-1
Arm Ice Maker Shut-Off MAYTAG part number 67004028

Ice Maker On position arm, or (Ice Sensor arm On). Ice Maker Off (Shut-Off) position arm.


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