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Huebsch Appliance Repair


Alliance Laundry Systems LLC
Mod. LEZ27AWF1702
Ser. 0710021885

120/240VAC 60Hz 24AMPS

Squeaky noise.
I replaced:
- Assembly Idler Wheel & Bearing
- Two Rollers

Trail Commercial Super Capacity Plus
Model LET57AWF1700
Serial 0510024046

5400 Watts - 8.2kg load size - 120/240V - 60Hz - 24Amps

The electric dryer motor is running the drum, but no heat comes out.
Wire burning and timer connection.

Important Instructions
Subject: Installing Timer Kit, Use With Electric Dryers Warning.

This Timer Kit in Canada, installation shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the provincial authorities having jurisdiction and in accordance with the requirements of the CAN/CGA-B149.1 and CAN/CGA-B149.2 installation code. Failure to follow instructions could result in serious injury, death or property damage. The qualified  agency performing this work assumes all responsibility for this kit installation. The installation is not proper and complete until the operation of the converted appliance is checked as specified in the manufacturer's instructions supplied with the kit.

The reduce the risk of electric shock, fire, serious injury or death:
- disconnect electric power to the dryer(s) before servicing
- close gas shut-off valve to gas dryer(s) before servicing
- whenever ground wires are removed during servicing, these ground wires must be reconnected to ensure that the dryer is properly grounded.

  1.Remove timer knob.
  2. Remove three screws holding control hood assembly to the control hood rear panel.
  3. Rotate assembly forward to access inner wiring.
  4. Disconnect wiring from timer.
  5. Remove resistor from timer and save.
  6. Remove two screws holding timer to support control panel and remove timer.
  7. Install resistor, removed in Step 5, on new timer at terminal “R” and “A”.
  8. Reinstall the two screws, removed in Step 6, to hold new timer to support control panel.
  9. Reconnect remaining wires to timer terminals by referring to wiring diagram located in hood area.
10. Place hood assembly back into position and reinstall three screws, removed in Step 2.
11. Reinstall timer knob.

Washer - top-load
Mod. HWT221WN1102
Ser. 031200892


No agitation:
Is timer/control inoperative?
Test timer/control and replace if inoperative. 
Is action switch (fabric selector), if present, inoperative?
Test switch and replace if inoperative. 
Motor won't run?
Refer to Motor Test Procedure section to check switch and windings.
Is pressure switch inoperative?
Test switch and replace if inoperative. 
Is there broken, loose or incorrect wiring?
Refer to appropriate wiring diagram.
Is drive belt broken?
Replace belt. 
Is transmission assembly inoperative?
Replace transmission assembly
Is there a bind in pump?
Replace pump.
Is lid open or lid switch inoperative?
Close lid or test switch and replace if inoperative.

Washing Machine:
Alliance Laundry Systems LLC U.S.A.
Model No. LWZ42NW - 1102
Serial No. 0402018859

120V - 60Hz - 9.8Amps

Alliance Laundry Washer.

Alliance Laundry Washer - suspension spring is used to keep the tub from shaking during the spin cycle. Alliance Laundry Washer - pump and belt.

Alliance Laundry Washer - pump and main motor.



Always disconnect electrical power before beginning any service repair procedures.

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