How to Repair, Service and Install a Garburator, Disposer and Disposal?

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How to Repair a Garburator

Before troubleshooting electric appliances and devices or units like Garburator, Food Waste Disposer or Garbage Disposal, it is very important that you must disconnect the power.

1. Problem:
Loud noises
Possible causes:
Most common cause by accidental entry of a bottle cap, tea spoon or other small objects that have fallen into the garburator, food waste disposer or garbage disposal.
How to repair/service:
Turn off the electrical switch and any other main power supply safety switches, and water. After garburator has stopped, remove the splash guard (by puling it out from the top) if possible and search for any object that has fallen in with long handled tongs.

2. Problem:
Garburator does not start
Possible causes:
Turn off electrical power
a. wall switch/power switch
b. power cord if available
c. breaker box switch to position “OFF”
How to repair/service:
After that remove stopper and/or the splash guard with flash light for better vision if is removable available. Check to see if turntable will rotate freely using a wooden broom handle or wooden long spoon. If turntable rotates freely, remove wooden broom handle from in side, and check re-set button to see if it has been tripped.
Re-set button is red and located on the side near bottom or underneath the garburator. Push button in until it clicks and remains depressed.
If re-set button has not been tripped, check for shorted or broken wire connecting to garburator, food waste disposer or garbage disposal. Check electrical power switch, circuit breaker or fuse box on the wall. If wiring and electrical components are intact, the unit may have internal problems that require service. 
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Garburator Waste King 2600 and Re-set red button.

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