Electrical short in gas ranges

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Gas Ranges

Strange electrical short in KichenAid gas ranges.
During the bake cycle, fault code F7E0 may be displayed on models KGRT607H, KGST307H, KGST300H, KGRT600H, YKGRT607H, YKGST307H, YKGST300H, YKGRT600H having serial number prefixes/code dates of IML20 to IMM04.
An electrical short across the latch switch is the common cause given on the tech sheet error code list for displaying fault code F7E0. However, the cause of the short is very unusual. It has been traced to the colorant used within the red plastic connector on the latch switch. KitchenAid determined that the red colorant in the single red plastic connector used for both wires at the latch (micro) switch becomes electrically conductive when wet. And as moist, heated air escaping from the back of the range at the beginning of a bake cycle moves up the back of the oven, it finds the relatively cool latch switch located nearby to be a target for condensation.
KitchenAid recommends cutting of the single red insulated connector at the latch switch and replacing it with two separate insulated 3/16 x .020-in. terminals. Another KitchenAid approved method is to use standard 3/16 x .020-in. terminals and insulate only the brown wire using heat-shrink tubing. Reconnect the new insulated female terminal of the brown wire to COMMON, which is the top terminal of the latch switch. The new female terminal of the black wire connects to N.O., the center terminal of the latch switch. When finished, you can testing the oven functions, using the end-of-service sequence program found in the tech sheet.

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