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Frigidaire Home Appliance Repair Vancouver and Burnaby

FRIGIDAIRE HOME APPLIANCES - Frigidaire is an American consumer goods company specializing in household and commercial household products owned by the European parent company Electrolux.

Dishwasher - Electrolux:
Model number EIDW6105GS1A
Serial number TH12175662

My dishwasher is leaking and display Error Code Er 01.
Error Code Er 01 - Leak Detector 154655901 when water is detected under the tub.

Cross Reference Information
Sensor Part Number 154655901 or 1378859.

Importent parts:
a. Water Valve # 154627401
b. Vent Fan Assembly # 154627201 Error Code Er 05 Upper fan
c. Drain Valve # 154628101
d. Drain Pump # 154627601
e. Circulation Motor Main pump P/N 154614002 120V, 60Hz, 1.2A, 140Watt, 3200RPM # 154627501
Error Code Er 03
f. Heater Assembly # 154503701, 120V, 1200W, 154626901
g. Turbidity Sensor # 154473901 Turbidity (to monitor the amount of soil the wash water) and Thermistor (is a type of temperature sensor)
(Soil Sensor #154627001) Error Code Er 02

Model number FDB1502RGC2
Serial number TH84162583

My dishwasher's wash and drain cycle makes noise and sometimes a very loud high-pitch.
How to repair/service:
I cleaned the pump which contained dirty objects and glass. Once I put everything back together, the noise was a little quieter. Once you've cleaned out the pump, the problem becomes mechanical. Most dishwashers are noisy from the wash motor or drain motor pump.

Dishwasher D/W:
Model FFBD2407LSOB
Serial THO5232846

120V - 60Hz - Operate Amp 10.0A

Leaking water.
How to solve the problem:
Replaced door seal.

Every dishwasher door has a door seal. If the dishwasher is leaking water, it might be that the door seal is defective or worn out.
- Try closing the dishwasher door on a dollar bill and see if the door seal is making good contact all the way around the door. If not, replace the door seal.
- If the door seal is good or has been replaced and there is still a leak check the door hinges.
- If the hinges are bent the door will not close properly then the hinges will need to be replaced.

Dishwasher - Gallery
Importent Safety
Safety First
Installation Instructions
Safety Instructions

Frigidaire Dishwasher, label information.

Frigidaire Dishwasher, label on the right on frame tub when you oppen the door. Frigidaire Dishwasher without front panel door.

Frigidaire Dishwasher - burned wires are usually the result of a loose connections. Frigidaire Dishwasher - burned wires are usually the result of a loose connections.


Frigidaire Dishwasher - installed main wires black and white (without electric tape) and ground. Frigidaire Dishwasher - installed properly main wires (with electric tape) and ground.
Frigidaire Dishwasher - main wires box.



Dryer - Frigidaire Electrolux Canada Corp.
Ser. XE80402079

Loud squeaky noise from Frigidaire Clothes Dryer.
I found a problem with the:
- Rear Bearing
- Glide-Drum

Model AEQ7000CEG0
Serial XD724061?37

Picture number 4.
- Betwin Baffle Heater Shield part number 3204254 and Rear Drum stainless steel accumulates dangerous lind. Should be cleaned from inside, Rear Drum Holes. Do not unscrews the 3 screws that hold the Shaft Drum Support part number 131777700 (very dangerous) to clean out the lint. 2 screws is missing only (1) one screw left bottom is inside.

Figidaire affinity dryer. When you open the door, you can see Rear Drum Holes. Figidaire affinity dryer and washer, combo/stackable.

Figidaire affinity dryer - vent problem.

Drum Assembly Stainless Steel part number 134122552.
Shaft Drum Support.



Figidaire affinity dryer, Heater Assembly.


Dryer - Electrolux Home Products, INC.
Model GCEO2152ESO
Serial XD62910297

Frigidaire Gallery Series Dryer label information.

Frigidaire Gallery Series Dryer, label information is on the frame left side when you open the door. Frigidaire Gallery Series Dryer.

Frigidaire Gallery Series Dryer and Clothes Washer Front Load.

Frigidaire Gallery Series Dryer Drum Bearing worn up part number 131825900.


Frigidaire Gallery Series Dryer New Drum Bearing part number 131825900.


Dryer - stacked laundry unit. Electrolux Home Products, INC.
Model FEZ831CAS1
Serial XE30202663

Frigidaire Dryer stacked laundry unit, label information.
Frigidaire Dryer broken belt part number 134163500.
Frigidaire Dryer Upper Felt Seal part number 5303937182. Frigidaire Dryer Rear Drum Bearing worn up part number 131825900.


Stove - Top Glass problem
Frigidaire Stove Repair - Quote Request Please
Date: August 28, 2013 8:42:54 PM PDT (CA)

Hi Andy,
I googled Frigidaire repair and found your website and read your online reviews.
I have a Frididaire stove, model CFEF3012LWD.
The "Maintop" part #316531984 stovetop glass has cracked and needs replacing (See picture).
Sears Canada sells the part for $220 after tax and delivery and won't have stock until Oct 02.
Sears USA sells the part for $120 after tax and delivery and has it in stock.
I am planning to buy it from Sears USA and send it to my PO Box in the Point R.  I will pick up the part and bring it back home with me.
My question to you is how much will you charge to install it for me ?
The stove only cost me $400 so I am hoping the total cost of the repair does not cost me more than a new stove.
Please email me back on a price quote or call or text me at 604-.07-..32.





Frigidaire - ELECTROLUX HOME PRODUCTS Electrolux Canada Corp.
SERIAL. NF60322156

120/208 Volts - 7.60 KW - 120/240 V - 10.10KW - 60Hertz

Flashes error code F30 when you try to use the oven. 
- I discovered a disconnected wire from the Oven Sensor.
How to repair/service:
Checked probe Oven Sensor at room temperature and should be 1100 ohms. 
(R = resistance in ohms - symbol: Ω)
Continuity test:
- If is continuity Oven Sensor should be fukshing properly.
- No continuity the Oven Sensor circuit is open. (means; Not good - blown).

Oven - Elite Self-Clean - Autonettoyant (self-cleaning).
Model RE686W-4
Serial NF20400775
Type 3S1

Bake element not working.
How to repair/service:
I replaced bake element.

Washer - Front Load
Leaking water under tub.

Frigidaire front load clothes washer. Frigidaire front load clothes washer.


Washer - Front Load
Mod. No. FTF2140ESO
Ser. No. XC50803306
My GE front loader washer will not spin. 
How to repair/service:
I replaced Door Lock Switch Assebbly, Part number 131763202

Frigidaire front load Washer Broken Door Lock Switch Assebbly. Frigidaire front load Washer New Door Lock Switch Assebbly. Frigidaire front load Washer New Door Lock Switch Assebbly.


Washer - Front Load
Model number FTF2140ES3
Serial Number XC61607630

Errow Code:
The electronic controls of the 3.0 Cu. Ft. Horizontal axis washer have self diagnostics codes built in that cover most products failures.
The five indicator lights of Door Lock, Wash, Rinse, Final Spin and Control will flash the number of times for the first digit of the code and the Start indicator light will flash the number of times for the second digit.
Take separate counts of each indicator light, then repeat to confirm in order to be accurate in identifying the proper error code.
The code is obtained by counting the number of times the light flash.
- Example E24: The five indicator lights would flash twice indicating the 2 and the START indicator light will flash four times indicating the 4.
The five  indicator lights and the STOP indicator lightstart flashing at the same time.
The control will pause for 2 seconds, then repeat the code as long as the two buttons are pressed and held.
Note: A letter appearing in the code stands for a number higher than nine:
A = 10  B = 11  C = 12  D = 13  E = 14  F - 15
Example Code F1: the first digit would be 15 and the second digit would be 1.
If this code would appear the five indicator lightswould blink fifteen times and the STAR indicator light would blink one.

Frigidaire F. L. Washer label on the front bottom left side when you oppem the door
Frigidaire F. L. Washer label on the front bottom left side when you oppem the door
Frigidaire Front Load Washer.

Frigidaire Front Load Washer Left side, Shock Absorber Kit, Motor Control Board and Motor. Frigidaire Front Load Washer Right side, Pump, Drain Hose and Shock Absorber Kit.



Washer - Top load Stacked Unit (electric). Drive Motor with Pulley for Washer Machine # 134159500 Model C68PXGKR - 4585

Frigidaire Models:
CRWS7900AS1,  CWS3600AS, CWS3600AS1, FLEB8200DFS, FLEB8200DS0
Electrolux Model:

SIngle speed are G.E. and two speed are Emerson design.
115 Volts - 60 Hz - 9.8/9.0 Amps - 1725/1140 R.P.M. - 3/4 HP - 2 Different speeds 

Frigidaire Stacked unit Washer and Dryer motor Washer replaced Frigidaire Stacked unit Washer and Dryer, (old) motor problem. Frigidaire Stacked unit Washer and Dryer, (new) motor.


Washer - Top load Stacked Unit

Model FLC275ES4
Serial XE80948609
I did replace Washer Lid Switch and safety lock Assembly with 131675600
FRIGIDAIRE Washing Machine Stacked Unit - label information. FRIGIDAIRE Washing Machine Stacked Unit.
FRIGIDAIRE Washing Machine Stacked Unit - burned lid switch.


Refrigerator - Electrolux Home Products
Model FRT856ES38
Serial BA54412413

Not enough cold in freezer side, make ice but not enough for ice crem.
How to repair/service:
I made space from the back refrigerator all unit and cleaned up condenser.
a. the condenser coil is located at the back of the unit.

Model FFET1222QWO
Serial EZ8OH1Z

Frigidaire Refrigerator Freezer on the Top. Electronic Main Power Control Board.

My Refrigeration not cold enough.
How to repair/service:
After my troubleshooting I did replace Frigidaire Refrigerator Electronic Main Power Control Board 5304498695 and after that everything was normal.
Part number, Main Power Control Board 5304498695.


Always disconnect electrical power before beginning any service repair procedures.

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