Electric Ovens and Built-In Ovens

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Electric Ovens and Built-In Ovens

An Ovens or Built-In ovens are an enclosed compartment for heating, roasting or baking. 
Most bake and broil elements are 240V. (volts) mounted in the oven liner from the front and are front servicing. It is most commonly used for cooking, average temperature – 190.55 degree Celsius approximately 375 °F plus/minus 27 °F Degrees Fahrenheit
Some ovens has Self-Clean Cycle which usually it is turn on for three (3) hours. Average temperature  - 448.88 degree Celsius 840 °F – 493.33 degree Celsius 920 Degrees Fahrenheit.

The Robertshaw hydraulic thermostat contacts.

1-2 Oven cycling contacts ( up to 287.77 degree Celsius 550 °F)
3-4 Self-cleaning (open at 443.33 degree Celsius 830 °F)
5-6 Lock circuit (open at 287.77 degree Celsius 550 °F)
7-8 Preheat and keep warm (open at 76.66 170 degree Celsius °F)

Oven control - Regular Build-In Oven. (non self cleaning)

Some models have automatic preheat and other models do not have this feature.
The same oven control is used with one exception. One preheat models oven control contacts L1 to 1 and L-1 to 2 are used.
One non-preheat models oven control contacts L-1 to 2 is used.

Some manual models to check the timer test contacts 1 and 2 for continuity. The minute miner simply operates a buzzer and serves as a convenient clock watcher. The clock is set by pushing "IN" on the minute timer knob and turning that knob in either direction to set the clock hands.

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