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Dryer vent cleaning

Our goal is to promote my customers awareness on the fire hazard, dryer to over work, created by lint build-up in the dryer and dryer vent systems.

Proper venting of a dryer is essential. The shortest length of ducting to an outside wall provides the best installation. Careful planning is required to locate the best spot for the vent.
Long runs of venting should be avoided because of the friction losses and condensation build-up in the pipe. The pipe should be slanted toward the vent cap so that condensation will flow outside. Round duct should be (4” inches diameter = 10,2 cm). Vent over 12 feet (3.6576 meters) require an extra fan in many cases.

Why clean dryer vent and important tips.
Lint build-up creates an extreme fire hazard.
Blocked vents cause the dryer to work harder which shortens the life of the appliance.
Cleaning a blocked or restricted vent system reduces drying time which increases the efficiency of the dryer.
Reducing the drying time of the dryer saves money on utility bills and also on repair cost.
It is recommended that lint and other debris be cleaned from behind the dryer, the back of the dryer, underneath the dryer and the entire area surrounding the dryer.
The lint screen should be cleaned before every load.
The lint screen should be washed with hot soapy water and an old toothbrush ( or other brush )  and dry, before to put to properly place.
The lint screen duct, ( the area that the lint screen slides or rests into ), should be cleaned to.

Dryer Balls are easy to soften fabrics save time, money and energy. If you have dryer balls, just put the balls in the dryer during the drying cycle and they will work together to relax the the fibers leaving clothes softer and towels.

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