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Amana Appliances Repair and Service Vancouver BC


MAYTAG Appliances Newton, Iowa, USA
Model AEW3530DDS
Serial 13858320JR

120/240V - 3.6kW 120/208V - 2.7kW

Covered by one or more of the folowing U.S. Patents (WO)
5,433,189 5,822,925 5,916,353 5,964,211 6,255,630 6,285,009 6,465,762 6,717,114 6,772,752 D426,749 D427,014 D488, 699 D493,090 Other patents pending.

Amana Electric Oven.

Digital Appliance Controls.

Digital Appliance Controls and Self Cleaning Door Lock Motor. Oven Connection Wires.

Amana Oven Cooling Blower.



Fridge - Amana Appliances
Model BX20S5W

Not get cold enough.
How to repair/service:
Cleaned up the condenser... condenser and make space back from the wall.

Model AFD2535DES
Serial 11036782GJ

5.00 oz R134a – 115V AC – 60Hz – 7.90 Amps

How to.....
Freezer Handle Door Remove.
You need:
Phillips screwdriver to tight phillips screws to Handle Clip and Door Tab.
Plastic handle removal card (or 1/2” thick plastic card).

To remove the freezer handle door and tight screws You have to:
- At the right end, flex the surface of the freezer drawer, simultaneously slide the door handle removal card that came with Your refrigerator under the right side base of the handle.
- Slide the card to the line indication or until it stops, which will be approximately 1 1/2”
- With both hands, firmly grasp the handle towards the right base.
- Slide towards the left, and remove from the surface.

Washer - Front Load
Amana Appliances Benton Harbor, MI. ASA Assembled in Korea
Model No. NFW7200TW
Serial No. 11773049PJ

120V - 60Hz - 5.5A

Water stays inside Clothes Washer, there is not drain and spin.
How to repair/service:
I managed to save the pump without replacing it. One penny stuck in the drain pump which stopped it from turning and drain water.

Amana Clothes Washer.
Amana Clothes Washer - Pump assembly. Stopped pump with one penny inside.


Washer - Front Load
Model NFW7300WW02
SERIAL HL13003495
Type: 832-A

10.0 Amps - 120Volts - 60Hz

Water stays in the drum, there is not drain and spin.
What I did:
- I managed to save the pump without replacing it.
- You must try to clean the filter a every month. The filter is located  under the drum washer only, you have to take 3 screws off the front panel on the bottom washing machine.


Always disconnect electrical power before beginning any service repair procedures.

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