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Customer Comments

 Most Reviews for Andy's Appliance & Refrigeration Company from Local Clients, Located in Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver Local Mobile Service Line: 604.551.3330

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January 26, 2008
A+ Service Andy's service is simply the best, clean, professional job. I had bad experience with many services I called in the past. Thanks, Andy's Appliance

West sides of Vancouver, BC.

September 27, 2009
A few years ago you installed a washing machine (Installation and Replacementin for...) my place and now I think I need a new dryer since it is "squeaking" terribly as it rotates. Tel. 604-


October 12, 2009
Refuses to come to downtown As someone else pointed out, the guy might be good, but he's too much of a star. He refused to come to my place in downtown because I didnt have a parking stop set aside for him. What is him? The King of England?


October 18, 2009

HomeStars - Replaced Garberator and Cooktop
He came over to replace our garberator and our stovetop. He was trustworthy. I asked him to come at an odd time because I had to work and he was very accommodating to our needs. Price was reasonable because I compared it with other companies.

Ramon in Langley

October 21, 2009

HomeStars - Replace a cooktop
Andy replaced the cooktop on my kitchen and he helped to get the best price for the appliance. He was very accomodating with my schedule and he was able to work very early to have it ready.

ramongtzl Kitsilano

December 28, 2009
Hello Andy,

Thank you for fixing our washer on such a short notice (and during holidays).

Happy Holidays,
Abey & Marek from Kitsilano Vancouver, BC

February 21, 2010
Subject: Success and thank you (refrigeration)
Hi Andy,

Not only did you solve the problem when my refrigerator stopped working by replacing the electronic board, when the rattling noise occurred you came back and did everything you could think of to resolve that tricky problem. It was successful. The refrigerator is working perfectly and there is no disturbing noise. In 1999 you worked on my previous refrigerator and I am very pleased that your repair services are still available. Your commitment and skill make you an excellent resource for appliance and refrigeration repairs.

Many thanks,
Kathy B. from Downtown Vancouver, BC

March 06, 2010
Thank you again for the speedy service! (refrigeration)

Jennifer S. from East sides of Vancouver, BC.

March 15, 2010
Thank you very much for very good work! (garburator)

Mr. Mark S. from Burnaby

August 26, 2010

We have a problem here on our washer and dryer combo.
First it made really loud sound when it tumble and then shortly after, drum won't spin just making buzzing sound.
Then, now it is not working at all. No sound, no movement.
We read good comments about your service on the internet, and we think you are the most reliable person to ask for repairing in vancouver.
So please contact us as soon as you get this message.
James: 778-
Julia: 604-
Address : 4028 - Vancouver, BC
We hope you can come here and look what is going on our dryer as soon as possible. ^^;;

February 13, 2011
Hi Andy,

About a year ago you came in fixed my dryer unit because it was making
a bad noise. Now, the water level knob broke off my washer/dryer unit
a few days ago. Do you sell a replacement knob or know where I could
buy one from?

Picture is attached, the one on the right is fine but the one on the
left broke off, both knobs are the same.

- Jeremy

April 14, 2011
Called Andy to service the washer. He was very professional. Diagnosis the problem step by step and didn't make any crazy promises. The diagnostic was correct and washer repaired. He cleaned everything and even wear booties for his shoes. Even shared a few tips to maintain our washers and dryer. Professional, knowledgeable and clean.

Shopper G

August 18, 2011

Yelp - Getting someone to come in, on time, without cancelling or not showing up, and charging me the price they promised, is SURPRISINGLY difficult when dealing with appliance repair.
After having two other companies in Vancouver scheduled to come see my dryer, and having both repairmen not bother to let me know they'd be late (or not come, in one case), I was ready to take my dryer apart myself. As a last-ditch effort, some Google-fu and a Better Business Bureau logo convinced me to phone Andy's Appliance and Refrigeration.
Andy showed up on time, with his son, and they charged a flat fee of $80 + HST (no matter how long it took to diagnose) to troubleshoot the issue.  He didn't pull punches and told me how much it would be to fix, and that alone made me happy.  He could've fixed it piece by piece, charging me bit by bit, but he was honest and clear.

We need more repairmen like these guys.
Kyrsten J.
New Westminster, BC

August 18, 2011
Hi Andy,

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job fixing our dishwasher. I know it was a bit tricky but it all works great now!


August 27,2011
Good service. Appointment was easy to make over the phone, he called the night before to confirm the morning appointment, and arrived promptly as scheduled. As others have mentioned, he wore protective boots over his shoes before entering my home. His diagnosis was honest and to the point. I wouldn't hesitate to call him again when required.

September 21, 2011

HomeStars - Fix our Garburator
We have to fix the garburator in our appartment and when I call them they came the next day, on time... they were fast and they told me that they could not save the old garburator because it was very damage. For me at least they tried to save me some money. Andy is very professional and reliable.

Yas Kits

November 29, 2011

HomeStars - Fridge repair
My fridge worked intermittently for awhile - an intermittent symptom is always difficult to diagnose. I called Andy at Andy Appliance & he was able to come the same day. He identified the rather subtle problem and had the part to replace the fan right there. He also followed up with a phone call that evening & his price was fair. I commend him for his outstanding knowledge & experience as a appliance repairman.

Stephen from Vancouver

December 02, 2011

Yelp - I called Andy to repair a washing machine that was not filling with water. He quoted me his prices over the phone and was able to come by the same day. He used shoe slippers and towels around the work area to protect my carpet from dirt. He quickly identified the problem, located the required part from the supplier, and provided an accurate estimate for the repair work. As promised, he returned the next day and fixed the problem. He took care to check that all was in working order before putting everything back in place. The amount was exactly as estimated with no surprises. Overall, I am quite happy with his work.

Gabriel C.
Richmond, BC

March 16, 2012
Great service. Andy and Martin were great, showed up on time, informed me of the options for the dryer, and fixed it quickly and efficiently. They also carried on a lovely conversation! Thanks guys

Vancouver B.C.

May 06, 2012

Yelp - My two year old Bosch washer had leak and caused major leak in our apartment. We called Andy's Appliance and he told us his price of $80 diagnostic fee, $90 (I think) per hour and parts (if needed). He charges up to two hours and anything over that is free. It was a family business type of business. He came with his son. Both we're very curtesy. They had to order the part, so they had to return to install it. The day the part was to come, they actually waited at the store for an hour for the delivery truck to come. He said if we had bought a domestic washer, we would probably gotten the part right away. I like their service. They were up front, called me on any updates and nice to deal with...I would call them again.

Roachy R.
Vancouver, BC

May 08, 2012
Subject: rates for dryer diagnostic and repair
Date: May 8, 2012 10:38:15 PM PDT (CA)

Hi Andy,

I was on the internet and read lots of great reviews for your company.
I was wondering what your charge would be to come and diagnose the problem with my Maytag dryer (model YMED9600SQ0, Serial MT4705604) and your hourly rate to repair?
Do you charge for estimates and is it deducted from the bill if I you do the repair?

A little more about my dryer:
- when I turn it on any cycle, the drum starts to tumble the cloths and instantly there is a loud ear piercing squealing (like metal on metal).
- it is 5 years old and I have not serviced it as it's been running fine until tonight when it started to make this unholy noise.
- hoping it will be a quick and relatively cheap fix, otherwise, I'd rather spend the money on another dryer

My number is 604-81.-17.. and live 1 block from Knight and East 57th in Vancouver.

Dear Diane Bl..,

Please call at: 604.551.3330

Andy's Appliance & Refrigeration
Andy J. Wardowicz
2860 Kingsway
Vancouver, B.C. V5R 5Y3

I had Jan over – he agreed that vibration was likely the source of the noise.
I finally found a source for vibration isolation grommets.
Company called Vibra-sonic on Gravely in Burnaby.


May 15, 2012

Yelp - My experience was the same as the other people posting here, called Andy for our companies dishwasher, he showed up on time and ready to go. figured it out right away and fixed the dishwasher very quickly. I am a facilities manager and these are the kind of people i call back, i deal with lots of contractors, trades people etc. and it is always nice to work with a professional that produces the results you need. the cost was very acceptable and he was very courtious when he was here.

Tracy E.
Vancouver, BC

July 17, 2012

This review is solely based on the customer service communication. I ended up getting a fridge, a new one, therefore, I didn't need repair as it would cost me just as much with an estimate as it would a new one. Andy was awesome with the initial communication, however, he dodged the estimate question which kinda made me go another route.

Isabelle G.
Vancouver, BC

August 21, 2012
Subject: Dryer Repair
Date: August 21, 2012 5:18:52 AM PDT (CA)

I was referred by some friends, Kev & Brent, who said you were excellent. I have a dryer (as part of a stackable washer/dryer set) that is acting up. It won't run a full cycle and has to be re-started to fully dry the load. It's in a condo I rent so we'll need to arrange a time that works for the tenant. I also think the washer may need the front rubber lining replaced.

Can you let me know your availability, say next week?

Sarah K.

Andy's Appliance & Refrigeration - Answer .......may need the front rubber lining replaced.

Keep open the door for circulate air to dry rubber seal will help prevent mold growth (Mould is a fungus...) and change grey color rubber seal to black color. Some Samsung front-load washing machine you cannot open the door for circulation the air because light is on when door is open.

October 06, 2012

Yelp - Andy actually answered the phone when I called to set up an appointment rather than an answering machine. He was friendly, prompt and ontime with a phone call the day before to confirm our appointment. He checked out our fridge and gave us a recommendation he also explained everything and gave us a quote for repairs. He told me the cost for his services up front. He is honest, professional and friendly.

Tracy E.
Vancouver, BC

October 09, 2012
Email - Range hood replace

Hi there,
I would like to get a quote on replacing my microwave hood combo with a new slide out range hood. I am located in yaletown.
Please give me a call at 6049613825. Email works just fine too. 

Sent from my iPad

October 19, 2012

Yelp - I had a mysterious problem with my clothes dryer and called Andy out of frustration. He was over in two hours and, determined that it was some problem with the electronic control board.

When he took off the panel, he realized that the board had become loose and fallen on the floor, which, he theorized,  caused the panel's  to continually touch the motor and short out.

Andy credited this to a fault in the original dryer, and was afraid it would no longer work because there were multiple wires. However, he spent the next couple of hours gluing and duct taping each wire, and told me to leave it for a day and try it. The next day it worked!

Very created solution that save me hundreds of dollars for a new one. And, better yet, he only charged me for the house call and one hour of work.

The man went above and beyond the call of duty. I don't think I've ever seen that in a repairman before. He could have said, oh, it's unfixable and you have to buy another one, but gave it a shot anyway, I think because he hated a problem that appeared to be unfixable.

You won't find a repairman like that very often.

Tony W.
Vancouver, BC

October 23, 2012
Email - Washer and Dryer Inspection

Hi Andy,
Thank you for inspecting the washer and dryer yesterday at the above address.
What I need from you is a breakdown in writing as to the repairs required to both machines and the service costs.  I can then forward them onto the owners of the suite.  The owners do not live locally and I have to send them a breakdown of the work.
Please send as soon as you can so I can address this issue.

Best Regards,
Janice Lowe, Rental and Sales Agent
Southview Property Management Inc.

November 13, 2012

Easily available; gave clear cost estimate information up front and charged as agreed (no surprise extra costs); clearly explained what the likely issues were and what he was checking (re noisy fans).  Andy was not able to fully fix my fridge noisy fan issues, but not for lack of trying - checked everything humanly available, and pinpointed the likely culprit.  Re another fan, when the initial repair attempts did not work, he (after asking) found a replacement (not easy with that ancient model), and tried that, i.e. he really goes the extra mile.  He also takes care to keep your place clean while he's working in messy areas, i.e. respectful of your house! For anything that he can't do, or can't do affordably, he clearly explains the likely costs, and will give some suggestions re who to contact in this area.  Definite professional; reliable.

Side comments: Andy is quite chatty. He's also a one-man show, so has take many phone calls while working, and presumably might occasionally be away on vacation etc.

David B.

Vancouver, BC

November 14, 2012
Email - Hi Andy,

Its Eric! Hope your well I need help with my dryer at workL its doesn’t heat up well any chance of you coming in?

Eric Orlando/President
Fuziontek Hair Studio LTD
Fuziontek Beauty Supplies INC
Eso Hair Extensions
644 6th St. New Westminster, B.C. V3L 3C3
Cell: 604-351-5101
Fax: 604-484-2205
Mobile Web:
Follow US on Facebook:

November 16, 2012


Yelp - Living in downtown vancouver, often times you can never get repair people to show up on time, or give you an accurate quote, or just be honest with you about the problem. This was not the case with Andy.
Our dishwasher suddenly stopped working, so we gave Andy a call, and within two hours he was at our apartment (amazing!). It took him 20 minutes to assess the situation, and rather than just charge us an arm and a leg to repair the dishwasher, he was up front and said it would cost more to fix it than to buy a new one. He could have easily made a load of money, but honesty and customer service were more important.

I will absolutely be calling Andy for any further repairs.
Matthew P.
San Francisco, USA
Downtown Vancouver

November 21, 2012

Yelp - I just called Andy out of the blue based on Yelp reviews. He answered the phone right away, was just finishing a job and showed up about an hour later - right when he said he would. An hour and a half after that and my initial problem was solved. Actually, it never happened because the noise my dryer was making didn't show up, but he was very professional and looked at everything he could to ensure it wouldn't happen again, discovered a couple of potential problems in the making and cured those, and cleaned both washer and dryer carefully. He also showed me some things I could do myself if I had issues in the future. During this time he also looked at a second problem with a jammed stove drawer, and fixed it in about 10 minutes. And once again he showed me how to fix it myself in future. I would definitely call Andy again, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others. Thanks for your help, Andy!

Vancouver, BC

December 17, 2012

Yelp - TJ "TJ" M.'s Profile
Andy was able to come the same day and fix our oven element, fuse and thermostat. Prompt service, tidy (he wears boot slippers like the sleep country guys!) and explained what he was doing and why throughout the process.

Highly recommend

Vancouver, BC

December 29, 2012

HomeStar - Fridge Repair
Called them Friday night December 28, they were out the next day and fully prepared. Quick, efficient, and reliable! Excellent Polish service and craftsmanship. Will use them again and highly recommend Andy!! A++

Reviews by Stacy in Vancouver

January 06, 2013

Yelp - Dave P.
Category: Appliances & Repair
Andy, is a professional, honest and capable repairman. Over the past few years, he troubleshooted and fixed a dishwasher, clothes dryer and installed a new bathroom exhaust fan.  Andy is very conscientious and laid out the different options.

I haven't compared his prices with others, but seems reasonable given he was able to fix all items at the first attempt with no further hassles.

Vancouver, BC

Email: Hello Andy, I found you on Yelp
Hello Andy,

my name is Gary and I have a Liebherr refrigerator and the ice box is making a painful noise.
Would you be able to work on this type of fridge?
I also have a LG dryer that never dries properly since it was installed.
I live in Yaletown. My number is 778-...-..52
Would you please give me a call to talk about visiting us and looking at our appliances.

I have a Liebherr refrigerator and the ice box is making a painful noise.

Many thanks in advance,

Gary Mahler, CPCC

January 11, 2013
Gary M. Vancouver, BC
Category: Appliances & Repair
This is a story about people who are good people and care about who they serve and what they do. It's not fiction. It's a true story.

I found Andy on Yelp at the same time my fridge started making a horrendous noise. I sent Andy an email and he replied the same day. (It was a Sunday) We chatted on Monday. Talking with him and his wife was really delightful. I told him about my fridge problem and about my dryer that has never really worked well. It's an LG and it's a P.O.S (another story, but don't buy one) We made an appointment for today at 9:00AM. Andy came by today, (on time - with his partner, who is also very lovely) He looked my dryer over with a fine tooth comb. He looked at my vents and cleaned everything out that might be causing a problem. He really was thorough and forthright. When the dryer was done, he took a look at the fridge. He looked at every possible problem (of course the thing would not make a noise for Andy, it was too tired cos it made noise all last night, lol) Since it didn't make noise he gave some good suggestion regarding the problem, did some tweaks and she has been quiet ever since. Andy took the numbers of both the fridge and dryer in case I need parts in the future. Today was a very good day. I met a really great guy, who is personable, works with dignity and is a pleasure to have in your home. I really recommend Andy.

January 29, 2013

Yelp - Washing machine
Had my washer die on me so found him on yelp and other sites with good reviews.  Prompt, professional, courteous and honest.  Explained the problem well and why it might be better off to buy a new one, turns out the part isn't available anyway. I won't hesitate to recommend him or use him again.

Rob I. Vancouver, BC

Febuary 01, 2013
Email - Hi, I am hoping that you can help me. I have a Whirlpool refrigerator (Model E89FVHLVS01) that I bought in 2009. Recently, I've noticed problems with frost build up in the freezer section and now the fridge section is warm. I've tried adjusting the temperature settings, but there doesn't seem to be any change to the temperature in the fridge section. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the thermostat, the condenser or something else. In any case, I would appreciate, if I could set up an appointment (late in the day would be best) for you to investigate. My work number is 604-...-.... (8:30-4:30 pm) and my home number is 604-...-..... Thanks in advance. Linda A....

Hi Andy,

I got your message and I am happy to report that my refrigerator is working properly. The temperature is good and the motor turns on and off (versus running on all the time.) I checked the freezer and there is no frost build up on the outside of the vents. Thanks so much for all the good tips and the good service.
Vancouver, BC

Febuary 18, 2013

HomeStar - I inherited my refrigerator when I moved into my home 5 years ago. For the first couple of years, I had no issues with it. In the last couple of weeks though, I noticed that the refrigerator didn't seem to be as cold as it used to be and the motor seemed louder than usual so I called Andy's Appliance and Refrigeration to come and take a look at it. They gave me an estimate of how much it would be to repair it and were very honest in comparing the cost to repair versus the cost to replace.

MICHELLE in Burnaby

Febuary 19, 2013

HomeStar - They looked at my fridge problem and gave me a fair estimate on the fridge. Their respond quick and their work is nice and efficient. Overall the service was great!

jessica from Nanoose Bay 本那比

Febuary 23, 2013

Yelp - Andy and wife came to fix my laundry washing machine which was making noise in the spin cycle and then froze. I found him ranked high on another service review site. Very professional and respectful. Came on time if not earlier. Honest and upfront. Quote was reasonable.

Thuan D. Burnaby, BC

March 07, 2013
Email - Washign Machine new valve Washer - Top Load
Good Mornign Andy,
I don't know if you'd remember me, but my husband and I called you out to fix our fridge between Christmas and New Year.
Anyway I am contacting you again as our washing machine (Maytag) has begun to collect water. I have not used the machine in a few days and when I went to look at it last night, there was a pool of water in the tub.  I Googled it and it sounds like we may need a new valve.
Could you please let me know what you think it would cost and when you may be able to come out - 37.. West 8 Avenue.

Thank you,

March 16, 2013

Yelp - Andy"s is the best.He comes at the time he promises and phones if he can come earlier. He was fast and efficient. He trouble shot my refrigerator problem and fixed it in one and half hours. He charges $85 flat rate no mater how long it takes to fix the problem. His prices are very reasonable,better than most places.
I would recommend Andy's Appliances and Refrigeration to anybody. He even phoned me back the next day to see how the refrigerator was working.
He gives you a written guarantee.

Wilfred North Burnaby

March 26, 2013

HomeStars - Weak Attempt Dishwasher Repair
Might as well flushed my money down the toilet. Had no clue what he was doing. Brought his wife along for the repair who did not say anything to anyone (I am not making this up). Spent 90% of his time on the phone. Left without fixing it and told us it was "OK" to use the dishwasher with a broken water seal!

Company Response:
When I was in your father's house I called to a few stores but TIMER for this dishwasher is not more available. I'm a BBB member. You wrote complain to the Better Business Bureau but they said that my service was good. That is truth. So probably you are upset and then you wrote bad reviews on HomeStars and Yelp.

BBB found business made good faith effort to resolve complaint but customer not satisfied with business response (1 complaint)

March 30, 2013

Yelp - I was very hesitate to call a repair man but I made the best choice by calling Andy's appliance and refrigeration. My garbage disposal was only 4 years old and we were worried it won't be fixed. Andy phoned a day before to confirm our appointment, came on time, and was very professional. He spent 25 minutes trying to figure the problem and said we need a new garbage disposal. All though we didn't get our garbage disposal repaired, Andy was very honest and saved us a lot of money. He said that he could fix the garbage disposal, but in its condition and state he said it would not be worth the repair. Despite spending 25 minutes, he only charged us for a service call. He said if we decide to replace the garbage disposal he will come back without charging a service call. He is clean and professional.

Martin W.
Burnaby, BC

April 02, 2013

HomeStars - I know Andy's company for a long time. He fixed my washing machine and refrigeration. Last week I called him because my stove was broken. Before he come to my house he called to remind our an appointment. He was on time. I am very happy from his work. I will call him next time. I really recommend his service because he is professional and friendly.

Adam from Vancouver

April 02, 2013

HomeStars - I am very satisfied from the job Andy's Appliance & Refrigeration did with my dishwasher. He explained the whole estimation/fix process before proceeding with work, but more importantly did a great job!!!
John Levy from Vancouver

April 05, 2013

Yelp - Andy provides excellent service. We contacted him about our fridge and he was upfront about the cost of the service call to diagnose the problem.  He was very careful about his work right down to wearing shoe booties so as to not track dirt into our house.  Once the problem was diagnosed, he showed me the damaged part and explained it to me, gave me an estimate cost for the part and ordered it immediately.  Once the part was in, he called us to schedule installing it.  Each time, he always arrived on time and would give me a courtesy call to let me know he was on his way.  Our fridge is only 2 years old and no longer under manufacturers warranty; however we purchased it using our credit card that doubles the warranty.  In order to file a claim with our credit card, the invoice needed to contain the model # and serial #; however, his invoice originally did not include them.  We contacted Andy, and he returned to include these numbers on our copy and his copy of the invoice.  That is what I call customer service. This is the second time we used him.  The first time was to diagnose overheating of our tenant's oven.  He explained to us that the cost of repairing the oven would be about the same as buying a new oven of the same quality.  He was very honest about.  And sure enough, the replacement oven was close in price to his repair estimate.  The reason we contacted Andy in the first place was because he is a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau).  I would certainly say that he lives up to the BBB's standard of practice.  I would definitely use him again.

Judy H.
Vancouver, BC

April 05, 2013

HomeStars - Front Load Washing Machine Repair - Model WFW9050XWO3
Washer wouldn't drain, called midday Thursday, arrive Friday morning. Very respectful of my home, wore booties, very clean, explained everything before completing any work. I chose Andy because of his A+ BBB Rating
0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

Victor from Burnaby

April 09, 2013

Yelp - I am a very satisfied with Andy's company. Last week I had a problem with dishwasher. He checked it and said what happened. Andy is very well organized and fixed the problem immediately. Also, he charged a fair price for labor and parts. Well done!

Elizabeth J.
Vancouver, BC

April 11, 2013

HomeStars - Garburator repair
A few days ago my garburator just stopped working so I made an appointment with Andy's company. He was on time the next day in the morning, checked everything and explained what happened. He is very knowledgeable and honest, fixed the problem very quickly. Excellent service! The garburator works beautifully.

Carla from Vancouver

April 11, 2013

HomeStars - Laundry repair
A really great company. I am not sure if he is more expensive than the going rate or not. Diagnosis and then hourly rate. The diagnosis isn't part of the hourly rate. A fast, fast, fast hardworking couple. If you need help now, I wouldn't hesitate to call. Three month warranty on all parts and labour after the job is done.

Kirsten Williams from Vancouver

April 11, 2013

HomeStars - Wine Cooler
Before to replace our wine cooler that no longer refrigerates, we wanted to know if it could be repaired so we contacted Andy who explained that he could come and make this assessment for us and he would let us know if it could be repaired and if it was worth the extra expenses. He came the very next morning with his wife and was flexible with our work schedule. He checked everything, explained everything that he did, and concluded to a gas leak which is not worth attempting to repair for this kind of cooler since the coil runs everywhere. He then provided us with good addresses where to buy a new one and where to dispose of the old one. We only paid for the minimum fee for the call, which he had explained before to come. They are a great team as Andy's wife knows all the tools inside-out and can hand him anything he needs while he works. Both of them are very friendly. I already recommended their company to my colleagues as I would trust Andy for any kind of appliance repairs. We had chosen Andy's company because of all the good reviews he has accumulated and it is obvious to me why he gets them!

Andree from Vancouver

April 16, 2013

HomeStars - Oven Repair
I needed someone to repair my elderly parents' non functioning oven. I am from out of town so it was crucial! They did a wonderful job, were kind to my parents and charged a fair price. Thank-you!

Sydney from Kelowna

April 19, 2013

HomeStars - Refrigerator repair
Our Frig stopped working and serveral stores I called said it was the compressor and we should buy a new appliance. I found Andy on the internet and he came over the next day and replaced a starter part beside the compressor. Problem fixed and the Frig is up and running. He was courteous, professional, and explained everything he did. He even called us twice afterwards to check how the Frig was working. I'd recommend him to anyone with an appliance problem. Have him check it before you pay big bucks for a replacement.

Larry from Vancouver

April 23, 2013


Yelp - Appliances & Repair
Andy was called to repair the dishwasher in our rental condo in Downtown Vancouver. He came quickly and had everything fixed in no time - even going the extra mile to fix a few additional minor issues (no extra time was added). Really great service. Definitely recommended!

Vancouver, BC

April 23, 2013

HomeStars - Dishwasher Repair
Andy was called to fix a broken dishwasher in our rental condo in Downtown Vancouver. He came the day after we alerted our landlord's to the problem, and fixed everything quickly and efficiently. Even going the extra mile to make some minor repairs that we had not alerted him to without charging extra time. Get service. Definitely recommended!

Greg Dion from Vancouver

April 26, 2013

Yelp - It is not fair if You wrote a review which is not truth. The Better Business Bureau® is better because collaborates 3 ​​people - BBB, You and me.

Main Board Assembly - Part number WR55X10552 $179.99 ea.

Electronic Main Bord Assembly.

Service Call & Troubleshooting include (Travel time for part took me .45 minute) $85 + Labour $48 + Electronic Board $189.97 + Material miscellaneous $6.97 = $329.94 Tax $39.59 The Tax was 12%

My fridge broke down Dec 24/12 (completely stopped working) and so I didn't have many options for repair places being open that day. I used the reviews from yelp to help me decide.  So I write this review to help others make a decision.Andy came on time but wanted me to pay for his parking or he wouldn't show up. Again, I had no choices so I got him a free spot.
He was upfront and said I would have to replace the entire electrical board part to fix it and was upfront about the cost of the part at $190. After getting the part and installing it he also tacked on a $48 charge for my type of fridge (GE) so my total cost of repair was $369. 
The problem is that since he's replaced it, the fridge makes this horrible knocking noise every 4 hours or so for about 10-15seconds and the fan makes a slight squealing sound.  I called him back  within the warranty time frame and he said he couldn't hear the noise!! It literally wakes me up in the middle of the night every night because it sounds like a knock-knock-knocking on my door (thanks Edgar Allan Poe).  
This was so frustrating!  He refused to do anything and said he can't return the parts so too bad for me. Then he told me to call General Electric and have them send a technician because he said they do free estimates, and when they tell me the solution, he said to call him back instead and I can pay him to fix it.....again!  
Finally, as he was leaving, he asked me to give him 5 Stars on YELP and said they took down his other reviews because yelp found out he paid the people to put up the reviews.
I know nothing about refrigeration repairs or whether he really needed to fix the electrical board but I called GE and they said they would never replace the electrical board and at that point would only recommend buying a new fridge.  
I would say Andy's integrity is highly lacking.

Vancouver, BC

May 31, 2013

HomeStars - Refrigerator (defrost problem)
Our refrigerator wasn't generating cold air so I called Andy and he was able to come to our house within 1.5 hours. He did an assessment which costs $85 with no time restriction showed that our coils were frozen over and blocked any cool air to enter into our fridge. There were also other parts that needed to be replaced. Not only did Andy help with fixing our fridge, he explained how to properly set our fridge and freezer properly and we got a thermometer from him which shows us exactly how cool our fridge is and what the recommended temperature should be. In addition he noticed our fridge was too close to the wall, so he helped us vacuum the dust from the back of the fridge and placed a pop can behind the fridge so that the fridge would avoid going too close to the wall. He also gave us a tip with our garborator without any charge. Andy's wife was there as well as she assists Andy with phone calls and payment. Andy even called us several hours after the repair to check up on us to make sure our fridge was at the ideal temperature. Talk about service! You pay for what you get...and Andy was well worth it especially when we needed service right away! Thanks Andy!

Jerry Chen in Burnaby

May 31, 2013

Yelp - Appointment
Disappointed with the communication (can't vouch for the service, as I didn't get to try it). Booked a washing machine service appt for 9 a.m. Friday on Monday.  Waited all week.  On Friday morning found 4 voicemails on my cell, 2 saying "please call me back to confirm" and 2 saying "I'm taking another customer since I didn't hear from you."  In fairness, the 2 asking me to confirm were apparently left Thursday.  I have some sort of lag time on my cell (it's a stupid phone, not a smart one) so sometimes messages don't come in right away.  I understand why a small businessperson would want to confirm before showing up for an appointment - totally get it.  But TELL people that you're going to want to confirm.  If I'd known I'd need to talk to him again in order for him to show up, I'd have given him my home number as well.  I'm leaving this review as instructive feedback for his business and so future customers can check that a confirmation call is required or else he may not show up.

Leslie F.
North Vancouver, BC

August 16, 2013

HomeStars - Fridge Repair (starter relay problem)
Fridge died and I feared the worse, thought I was looking at a replacement. Andy came over at agreed time, diagnosed the issue as a stater relay for the compressor, and made the repair. Then also showed me some of the reasons the relay failed and how to maintain my fridge going forward. Excellent service, and will call him again the next time an appliance needs repair. Very happy not to be fridge shopping this weekend.

John in Vancouver

October 07, 2013

Yelp - Install a garburator.
Andy and his wife can to my house to install a garburator in my sink.
They arrived on time, put little covers over their shoes to make sure not to cary any dirt into my house. They did an excellent job installing the garburator.  Quick and sufficient. I would use them for all the appliances in my house!

Kasia L.

October 09, 2013

HomeStars - Got referred, plumbing.
Got referred by a friend of mine. Called him and he came the same day to give us a quote. The whole repair took the whole day but they were fast and clean. Follow up call will be an asset.

Nicole Fong from Vancouver

October 29, 2013

HomeStars - Front load Frigidaire
Andy was very proffesional, punctual, he inform us about problem with the appliance before starting the job, he was neat, fast and effective, the price was right, he called us two days later if everything was right. Highly recommend to anybody. Dr Marianna Klimek.

Marianna Klimek from North Vancouver

November 24, 2013

Yelp - GE fridge
I emailed and called Andy to try and get help with a broken GE fridge over the weekend. He responded in a timely manner to my email. However when we spoke on the phone he was outright gruff and rude. After saying that he was over booked for today and agreeing that tomorrow was fine he asked me if I had visitor parking, which I don't, and then simply refused to come because "once he got a ticket". If this guy can't manage his own parking I don't want him touching my fridge.

Ryan N.
Vancouver, BC

February 12, 2014

Yelp - Clothes Washer Front Loading - replaced pump - Whirlpool. (Model GHW9200LQ)
Our clothes washer broke down on the Sunday before Family Day.  I e-mailed Andy Sunday evening and asked if the problem we were having was something he could take care of.  He called me right away and told me that he thought it was but would have to make a house call to be sure.  We setup an appointment for between 9:00 & 9:30 AM on Wednesday morning.  He called me Tuesday evening to confirm the appointment and he and his wife showed up at 9:10 AM on Wednesday as promised.  Within half an hour he determinied what the problem was and located a source of the required part.  He left to get the part and was back within 3/4 of an hour and immediately started removing the failed part and then installed the replacement.  By 11:00 AM our washing machine was back working as good as new.  Andy and his wife were very courteous and extremely neet and tidy.  They wore booties in our house and had a wet vacuum cleaner going wherever water was likely to leak.  The final invoice was very fair - he didn't even charge to go get the part because he said there were parts for other customers he would pick up while he was getting ours

We were very impressed with the service we received from Andy and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Bill T.
Kerrisdale - Vancouver B.C., Vancouver, USA


Goldbook - Andy's Appliance & Refrigeration
Friendly Service I was so impressed with Andy. He showed up on time, quickly diagnosed and repaired my fridge. He had the parts in his car and obviously knew exactly what to do. The fridge now works like new. Great service! I would highly recommend to anyone.

by AMY Vancouver

March 11, 2014

Yelp - General Electric Dishwasher
I called Andy two times in the past 6 months to fix my GE fridge and dishwasher. He works with his wife. They are very nice, punctual, clean and honest. Furthermore, he is very skilled in his profession. I was totally satisfied with their service both times.

Bruce S.
Vancouver, BC

March 13, 2014

HomeStars - Washing machine repair. (Inglis old style - Top Load)
I needed help with what i thought was a dead machine but Andy found the problem and resolved it quickly. Also found another problem I was unaware of and fixed that quickly. He came promplty and he and he wife were v courteous and easy to work with. I highly recommend them

debbie litvack from West Side Vancouver

March 21, 2014

HomeStars - washing machine repair, SAMSUNG
Andy and his wife Anna arrived at my home early for the appointment. I immediately found them courteous, honest and knowledgable. I will use them again and recommend them to everyone.
Heather from Vancouver

July 29, 2014
Subject: Recommendations for where to buy a used washer/dryer stacked pair (top loading).

Hi Andy,
You came to our apartment today to look at our front-loading washer and you recommended that we buy a new one. You said that 24" was probably best for the small space, and we also decided to buy a washer/dryer stacked pair (top loading this time). You also gave us recommendations for where to buy a new pair, thanks!
I was also wondering if you could send us some recommendations of where we could find a used washer/dryer pair? My mom is interested in looking at them just in case we can find a good one at good price.

Many thanks,

Marjorie G.

August 31, 2014 
Email - GE Stove Repair 1:07:14 PM PDT (CA)

Hi Andy,
You and your wife have been to our house to repair a fridge.  Now our stove is not doing the self cleaning.  
The elements work but the oven is temperamental 

Jim A......
7... Elliott Street
Vancouver BC


We are in no rush.  Anytime you are free
Thank you

September 8, 2014
1. Email - From:
Subject: Range vent noise
Date: September 8, 2014 4:01:27 PM PDT (CA)

Do you deal with the fan in the vent over a stove?
Ours is noisy. It seems to be worse when it is colder. 
When I turned the fan from the outside by hand, it did not seem to make noise.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Raymond Nakamura
2. Email - From:
Subject: Re: Range vent noise
Date: September 10, 2014 10:11:02 PM PDT (CA)

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the call checking in.
The fan was beautifully quiet during dinner preparations this evening.
Thanks very much.
Vancouver West Side

October 28, 2014

HomeStars - Washer/Dryer - Frigidaire Top load Stacked Unit
I found Andy's appliances on Homestars and called him for service to my washer. He came that day and was quick to determine the problem, got the parts and fixed it. He called back a couple of days later to make sure everything was fine. Would recommend.

Lynda Russolillo from Venables Street Vancouver, B.C. Commercial Drive area.

October 30, 2014

HomeStars - Dryer repair - Epic z™ error code F - 01.
Found Andy's Appliance on-line. When I spoke to Andy, received clear information about costs. Was here at the appointed time and I felt he worked in my interest in locating a replacement part. The work was done efficiently and expediently. 

Reviews by F Baldwin from West 6th. Avenue Vancouver Kitsilano area.

November 11, 2014
Email - From:
Subject: Hi
Date: November 11, 2014 9:27:54 PM PST (CA)
Hi Andrzej & Ania,
I have to replace the veggie tray for the Kenmore fridge model AD18.  The dimensions are: with 11.5"; length 17" and depth 7". Do you know where I can find a part dealer?

Thank you,

December 15, 2014
Yelp - Washer and Dryer stacked unit.
I saw Andy recommended on here and called him to fix a lid switch that broke on my laundry machine. He was able to come the same day, was considerate, and got my machine fixed fast. He was up front about the cost of the service visit and job. It was nice to find a skilled appliance person and I'm glad to recommend him.

Also happy to have this as my first review, now onto a rant about Ikea! 

Jo C. Vancouver, BC Joyce Collingwood area.

December 18, 2014
Email - From:
Subject: Fridge repair
Date: December 18, 2014 2:50:56 PM PST (CA)

Hi Andy,
I just received your follow up message and yes, the fridge seems to be in fine working order now. No noise, and no ice/ water in the freezer. Thanks again for coming on such short notice. 

All the best for the holiday season.

Alan R......
2250 SE  Marine Dr.

December 20, 2014
HomeStars - French Door Refrigerator, (Bottom Freezer) Number 2. Condenser fan motor problem and Drain Problem in Freezer side compartment collects water and freezes (can damage your hardwood floor).
I saw a card on our building notice board for Andy's Appliances just as I started having problems with my fridge of only 3 years. I called Andy and to my surprise he was able to fit me in on the same day. He came over, found the problems right away and fixed it all under 3 hours. The problems are now gone and the fridge is as good as new. What I really appreciated was that he took the time to contact me the next day as a follow up to make sure everything was working well. You would never get that kind of service from a big store or repair company. I would refer him without hesitation.

Alan from South Vancouver area.

January 7, 2015
Email - From:
Subject: RE: A+ BBB Vancouver Andy's Appliance & Refrigeration Repair
Date: January 7, 2015 10:28:35 AM PST (CA)

Hi Andy
My sister, Lili B.........., recommended you.
We have a Bosch SHX33A05UC / 14 in counter dishwasher.
It is not completing drain and dry cycle. 
I have followed trouble shooting and it isn't fixing it with reset. 
The cycles appear to work but it just isn't moving to drain, dry and finish.

Our address is: 17.. WEST. 10th Ave,
Vancouver, BC.

My cell: 604-7..-5...

Sent from my iPhone

June 11, 2015
HomeStars - I recommend Andy very highly. He came on time was very professional honest and gave me some tips and didn't push me just to buy more things. I was very happy with his service.

Vancouver 1.72 East 15 Avenue

June 19, 2015
HomeStars - Fridge repair
Good job performed by Andy. I do not know my new postal code because I just moved there two days ago and being unable to do the rating because I do not know it is extremely unfair from the administrators of this website. Will advice all my family and friends in Vancouver and Burnaby to boycott this unfair website and never hire anyone from here and NEVER do any business with this website. Extremely unfair business practices the contractors and homeowners in the Lower Mainland need to be warned against!!!!!

Vancouver BC

July 31, 2015
Better Business Bureau® - Orginal Review:
Wonderful, timely, and honest service! Our fifty year old fridge was making louder than normal sounds via the motor. I called our usual repair center and received terrible customer service over the phone and was asked to call back on a few weeks. Dis-satisfied I decided to look up another service on the BBB Site and found "Andy's Appliance and Refrigeration"mobile service. Andy answered my call right away and booked a home visit next morning to have a look at our antique "Kelvinator" refrigerator and he fixed the problem right away which was a relief. He went the extra mile to explain and show me how to prevent further problems with simple remedies. Highly recommend his service to my friends and family and will call on him again should we need him! He has a new loyal customer! Thanks Andy, much appreciated, Katharine and Brad.

reviews from Katharine Proudlove, (zip code: V5T 4R8) on 07/30/2015

Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, BC.

November 18, 2015

Yelp - Refrigerator LG
Woke up in the morning to find my refrigerator was broken, and by early afternoon he had it fixed. He also spent a while showing me how to fix it if the same issue happened again, and followed up to ensure that everything was working fine - would definitely recommend!
Elewyn E. Vancouver, Canada

December 03, 2015
HomeStars - Laundry Dryer
I'm highly recommend Andy's service. He and his wife did an excellent job to fixed my dryer so quick and detail. His price is reasonable and responsible attitude, he explained the problems very detail and honesty. Excellent job for efficiency and responsibility service. "Highly recommend" 


January 18, 2016
Yelp - Front Load Washing Machine
Andy came the same day I called, immediately diagnosed my problem (which turned out to be a much different problem then I'd assumed), fixed it quickly, for a fair rate... and called a few days later to check if the problem was solved. Can't beat that.

Dan J.
Vancouver, BC

Febbruary 23, 2016

Google - Andy did a great job. He helped us out within 24 hours. He was on time, very knowledgeable, and professional. He diagnosed the problem with our dryer right away. Andy gave us really good advice. He told us not to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs to fix our very old washer dyer combo because often times you can't find the parts for these machines. Andy also gave us some good information on the best type of new washer dryer combo to purchase. I appreciated how thorough he was. You can tell he cares about his work. He made sure we knew to purchase stainless steel braided hoses for the new washer and talked to us about the differences between font load and top load washers. I think we will go with a top load.

Thanks for all the help Andy,

Darren Downtown Vancouver, BC

February 24, 2016

Yelp - (under the, 26 other reviews that are not currently recommended) - I was really pleased with the service.. i have had my washing machine fixed twice by another company and it breaking within the frame of 1 month. Andy's service  has made my washing machine problem free for over 3 months now. Not to mention, he is very friendly, humorous, prepared, & gets the job done in no time! He arrived on time, was easy to get a hold of, and charged fair prices.

Teresa B. East Vancouver, BC

February 25, 2016

Google - I was really pleased with the service.. i have had my washing machine fixed twice by another company and it breaking within the frame of 1 month. Andy's service  has made my washing machine problem free for over 3 months now. Not to mention, he is very friendly, humorous, prepared, & gets the job done in no time! He arrived on time, was easy to get a hold of, and charged fair prices.

Teresabuui East Vancouver, BC

March 16, 2016
Google - Andy came to fix my dishwasher that wasn't cleaning dishes. Unfortunately I had tried to fix the problem myself (not a good idea at all) and then called Andy. He was so helpful and professional and managed to get everything fixed quickly and efficiently. My dishwasher is working great now. I'd highly recommend Andy for appliance repairs and will call him first in the future if I have any appliances that need repairing.

Jacqueline R. West Side Vancouver

March 2016
Google - fast and professional!

Yanzhong Tong West Side Vancouver

March 2016
Google - Andy fixed my mom's washing machine for me recently. I have recommended him to a few friends now.

Connor Lockhart East Side

March 2016
Google - Service provided excells all other trades. His traditional hard working attitude separates him from all others, and not to mention his sincere honesty which saved me lots of money. I highly recommend Andy and I refer him to all my clients and only receive great feedback. He is the original deal, no strings attached don't listen to any negative feedback this man truly deserves more credit. Reliable and you can always count on him.

President of Pro Torch Roofing

Artur David Durda Vancouver East side

June 22, 2016
Subject: Re: GE Side Vent Dryer Installation

· You and I were talking yesterday about our laundry centre;
· We have purchased a condo just off 11th & Arbutus and are replacing the laundry unit;
· The one issue that Sears pointed out to us is that their people will not install a side vent unit so that’s where I would ask for your help;
· All of the rigid exhaust hosing is already in place so it is a matter of punching out the knockout and installing the correct elbow;
· I am attaching the installation instructions for the unit(ours is the 27  inch version) for you to have a look at…I don’t think it is very complicated but a matter of the correct elbow;
· We won’t receive the new unit until June 22nd so would like to arrange something with you around that time;


June 23, 2016
Email from:
Samsung washing machine repair

I got your webpage from a colleague that used your work on appliance repairs.  I was wondering what are your fees? I have a Samsung WF210ANW/XAC washing machine that stopped spinning.  Before it stopped spinning, there was a loud whistle sound and an E3 error display. E3 seems to be motor error. Now it does not spin. My address is 64. East 63rd Avenue in Vancouver. When are you available? You can email me at this address or call me at 778-882-..98

David Du

August 04, 2016

Yelp - I made the mistake of trying to fix my washer dryer and after making a mess I called Andy! He and his wife were so helpful, friendly and efficient. They had everything done within 2 hours. The price was reasonable as they had to replace 4 or 5 parts, hoses, sensors, and a dryer hose that I tore in half. He gave me loads of tips on how to look after the machine, plus other appliances, my fridge, garburator and dishwasher. I would highly recommend!

Brien C.
Vancouver, BC 

August 04, 2016

BBB - Better Business Bureau® - I made the mistake of trying to fix my washer dryer and after making a mess I called Andy! He and his **** were so helpful, friendly and efficient. They had everything done within 2 hours. The price was reasonable as they had to replace 4 or 5 parts, hoses, sensors, and a dryer hose that I tore in half. He gave me loads of tips on how to look after the machine, plus other appliances, my fridge, garburator and dishwasher. I would highly recommend!

Brien C. in Vancouver

August 23, 2016
Subject: Service at 475. West 7th Ave.

Andy and Anna

Thank you very much for servicing my Fridge today! I was very impressed with the quality of the work you provided. It was beyond regular service, and can only be described as old world quality workmanship (which you don't see much of these days). I was an Engineer for over 35 years until I retired, so I know quality workmanship when I see it.  I will be very highly recommending you to the residents in our neighborhood for appliance repair services.

If you want more Apples, let me know! (we have LOTS)


Pete McC......
47.. West 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC

604.439..... (H)
604.880..... (C)
Well, another day has passed and I didnt use Calculus once.

August 29, 2016
Subject: Teaching opportunity

Dear Andy,

I came across your website while researching appliance repair in Vancouver. I was very impressed with the information you have included, and how you tracked specific customer complaints and the repairs/parts needed to correct the faults.
Vancouver Community College is starting a new appliance repair certification program specifically for Samsung appliances and I was wondering if you would be interested in teaching. Specific Samsung training would be provided prior to the program start and the program itself would be delivered Tuesday and Thursday evenings and on Saturdays starting October 11th ending December 17th.

Please let me know if this opportunity is of interest to you or if I can provide further information.
Warm regards, Brett Griffiths
Dean, School of Trades, Technology and Design Vancouver Community College.
Cell: 604.488.4204

September 24, 2016
Subject: Re: Samsung Wash Machine

Hi Andy,

Sorry if you also receive this via the Homestars site (I tried to do a quote request from their site, and it didn't appear to be sent).
In the last two weeks, our Samsung Washing machine has started turning off mid-way through a cycle - it is 6 years old, model WF203ANS/XAC, if we turn it off and leave it for 10 minutes or so, we can sturn it on and start a cycle from the beginning again and it works okay, but we obviously don't want to continue doing this. You repaired our fridge a few years ago, and did a great job.

We are looking for an estimate to determine if it is worth repairing or if we should replace. Error message just says "ERR".
Wondering when you would be able to come out and provide an estimate.

thanks - Judie & Peter

October 1, 2016
Subject: 272. W 42nd Ave., dryer installation

Dear Andy and Anya,

I got your telephone message when I came in the house after walking the dog, but it was after business hours so I didn’t return your call.  To answer your question – yes, the dryer is working beautifully and venting well.  The LG test run was in accordance with the booklet and the various cycles that I have used so far have been fine.  Thank you so much.

Kind regards,
Sharon B....-CH..

October 2016
Google - Andy has now done three repairs for me on three different appliances, and I recommend him highly. He does a great job and is very price conscious -- charges the minimum to do the job properly. Very responsive to calls, even on weekends.
Fiona Hanington

Nonember 28, 2016

Yelp - Both my dishwasher and clothes washer started leaking within a couple of weeks of each other. They were 17 years old, but I figured if it was possible to save either with a repair, then it would be worth having it checked out before buying new ones.  Andy came in with a woman to assist him (that I think was his wife) and they were both very nice.  He explained things clearly, and why it would cost more to do the repairs than to buy new.  He even had the parts in his truck and could have just charged me for the repairs for the dishwasher, but was upfront and recommended replacement.  They even left me information for stores that could give me a good deal, and very important information about which types of dishwashers to look at because of the copper piping that I had in place.  They made sure I had the model numbers so that it would be easy to get the right replacement type. I asked about whether he does installation and he was so honest, he told me that I should ask the store first because they would likely be able to give me a good price for installation since I would be buying the appliances from them, but gave me detailed info on what he would charge if the store didn't have that.  He was quick and clearly extremely knowledgeable.  I wanted to write a Yelp review because some of the other reviews had me worrying beforehand, and my experience while he was here was great. He did not charge me extra for diagnosing two appliances which was nice (I think he has a flat rate of about $89.25, $85 before tax, at the time of writing). To be honest, I thought he was a bit hard to understand on our first phone call and was still a bit nervous about the whole thing, but everything turned out great, and he was extremely clear and fair.  They found street parking and paid for it themselves and there were no unexpected costs (just the flat rate he told me ahead of time on the phone).  They take cheque or cash but not credit card.  By the way, I tried emailing two other appliance repair people through their websites and even left a voicemail with one, and none of those other ones even bothered to return my messages. I also emailed a salesperson for info and didn't get an answer.  That was surprising to me, so it was good to finally get a response.

Nancy L.

Vancouver, BC

February 14, 2017
BBB - Better Business Bureau® - I called Andys Appliance for a second opinion on a Bosch fridge repair. Andy,s thorough explanation and honest, practical advice has saved me from making a very expensive mistake. I highly recommend this company. 

Ms I K.

September 10, 2017

Hi there, Last year, you fixed my washing machine that was running hot/cold water in reverse and installed new water hoses and I was really happy with your work.

Can you let me know how much would it cost to inspect the machine?

Location is in Vancouver (Yaletown).

Thank you.

Protection against behaviors likely to irritate and enrage customers:

1. Apathy. Do not act as though you are bored with your job or customers.
2. Coldness. Convey to the contrary, lost of eye contact, warm smiles, and
friendly greetings.
3. Graciousness. Being condescending, "I know that it is difficult to
understand the instructions Mr. Sum" - is aimed directly at the customer's pride.
4. Robotism. Do not treat the person as a client. They are unique, and expects
to be treated as an individual.
5. The brush-of. The classic brush-offs are “That is not my department” and
“There is nothing I can do”
6. The rule book. “Do not become the rule book!” “Do not be someone who
looks at the policies to find out what you can do. Be someone who looks at the
policies to find out what can not be done and then finds a way to do It”
7. The run-around. Whenever possible, find the answers yourself, rather
than sending customers with problems to someone else. If you must do so, give
them your full name so they have a reference point to which they can return.

Thank you to all my clients who really appreciate my service.

- Andy's Appliance & Refrigeration Provides Top Quality Service and Repair to All Major Household Appliances in Vancouver, BC.
- Reviews & Complaints from Better Business Bureau®.
- Reviews & Complaints from Google.
- Reviews & Complaints from HomeStars.
- Reviews & Complaints from Yelp.

Have a Great and Healthy Day!

Kind Regards,

Andy's Appliance & Refrigeration
Vancouver, B.C. Service Line: 604.551.3330


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